Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Piles of Paper

I have a confession. I scrapbook the way I sew (only with less swearing)--I love buying paper and fabric more than I like to do the actual project. I get very excited in the store with the vision of all the wonderful things I will do . . . and then I get home. Finding the quiet and the time to sit and create something meaningful is hard--mostly I'm happy to just get some thoughts on paper and try to scrapbook in the same decade as the pictures. And there is a definite link between my sense of well-being and cupboards full of food, pantries full of supplies, scrapboxes full of paper. At any rate, I can't seem to stop buying and collecting more goodies.

One of the reasons I love my scrapbox is because it gives me lots of places to organize all that paper. One of my favorite features is that all the shelves are adjustable. I can create big shelves, small shelves, or just have an open shelf for fun. I keep paper and scrapbooking stuff in some of the drawers, gift bags and tissue in more drawers, and paint and craft stuff for the kids in some of the other drawers. It has become a little craft room all in one cupboard. (The cat has even crawled in a box or two--the naughty thing.)

And I love the doors. All the pouches come with velcro on the back so you can rearrange all of your tools anytime you like. My children think I'm obsessed with velcro. Wouldn't it be lovely if velcro worked on mouths . . . Mostly I love pictures--I love to be surrounded by reminders of people I love and places I've been. I even attached velcro on the back of other things I want to hang--pictures, charts, reminders to buy more velcro.

Someday I'll get the whole thing organized and looking pretty. For now, here are the two little snapshots. And I'm thinking there's room in some of those drawers for more paper. Must be time to go shopping again.


Anonymous said...

See....I do read your blog!!!! :)
Hey, when are you going to come and organize all my "stuff" ?!!!? I LOVE my scrapbox, but I have so many more piles of things I need/want to put in there and assign a "home." (I share your problem of buying the cute paper and embellishments but not getting the pages done. But there definitely is some satisfaction of knowing that everything is safely organized in my scrapbox...when I'm ready to scrap, I'll be able to find what I need!) :)

Jennifer said...

There has got to be something creative to do with velcro AND cats.

ScrapBox Organization & Storage said...

Oh, velcro and cats. I'm loving the possibilities.

thedoodlegirl said...

You are the best writer! So funny!

Likely said...


I am TOTALLY the same. Collecting but not creating. I think that is what send me on my frenzied guilt trips.

What a great idea to use the scrapbox to organize children's art supplies too. I need me one of those.