Monday, November 10, 2008

Why I Scrapbook

Yesterday the kids were looking at their books. My youngest son was looking at his book from when he was "none" (his baby one). He came across the picture of him in the blessing gown.

Let me explain about the gown. My husband's father was blessed in the gown. My husband was blessed in the gown. All of our children were blessed in the gown--including the boys. My husband insists that it's a "gown" and not a dress. :)

So he spies the gown and says, oh, that's a picture of his sister. I said, no, that's you. At which point he shouts, "Who put me in a princess dress?!!"


thedoodlegirl said...

TOO funny!! (This is Rebekah, btw.)

Jennifer said...

Hilarious! That is my favorite story of the week.

Your blog looks great by the way.