Saturday, December 19, 2009

And a Little Tutu

Project #2 has been Kendyl's tutu. I'm not especially impressed with it--I saw a tutu I was trying to copy and apparently in my mind my abilities are far greater than what they actually are. But it's done and it's just for dress up so hopefully she'll be happy.

On to Project #3.

Not a Moment Too Soon

Apparently the Jedi Robe will be arriving in the nick of time.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Jedi Robe Master

Don't die of shock that I'm actually posting something again. I can't even explain the busy summer and apparently fall and wow, it's December already. I have something to share now, so maybe I'll make a habit of this again.

One of Garreth's current obsessions is Star Wars. He spent the summer running with the pack of neighbor boys, all of whom were brandishing their light sabers and wearing coats or bathrobes because they were Jedi's. Now my child usually wants to be the bad guy, but apparently his light saber is green which is the Jedi color so he had to settle for being a good guy this time. And it dawns on me. I could make a Jedi robe. How cool would that be? I have this awesome dark green fabric that I bought on sale one day and I vaguely remember buying a costume robe pattern too.

So I go in search of the pattern--only to discover that it's an adult size pattern. Why I thought I would need an adult sized Jedi robe, I don't know. Anyway--I tried to use it as a guideline to make a smaller size robe (with the help of another variety of robe pattern that actually was the right size) and it turned out mostly okay. The sleeves are a bit odd, but since it's supposed to be a big and drapey, hopefully it won't matter much.

Now here's the best part of the story. I bought him a new light saber (not a top of the line model, but a one-step-up-from-what-he-currently-has model) to go with the robe. Weeks later while we are at ShopKo looking for church shoes for Brenton, he disappears and I find him in the toy aisle lovingly fingering the exact light saber that I already bought him. I can't wait for Christmas morning.

I'm finding more joy in Christmas this year than I ever have before and I think it's because I've invested more of myself in my gift giving this year. I'm reminded of a quote my good friend told me, "To be a good gift giver, you simply have to be a good listener." This friend also told me to give more of myself in my presents. So that's my new goal--to be a better giver and to invest of myself. And ultimately that's what the Master Gift Giver does. He, whose birth we celebrate, listens and knows us, and his gifts are perfect. I am ever grateful for His birth, His life, and His everlasting gifts to us. Merry Christmas.