Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy 16th!

We hit 16 years last week! Who'd have thought we'd make it this far?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Things I Don't Get

To steal a title from my good friend at, I don't get:


Seriously. They drool.

They're needy.

I also don't get this, but that's not the dog's fault.

But this I seriously don't get. I watched a guy jogging with his dog this morning, stop while the dog pooped, then pick up the poop in a plastic sack and continue to jog with the bag of poop. Now, I'm all for removing your canine feces from innocent grass, but jog with poop? Are you kidding me?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

All Earth Day

Is it just me or is "green" simply a code word for "really expensive"??

Monday, April 20, 2009

Assorted Snacks

My favorite appetizer at Bombay House is the Assorted Snacks. So here is an assortment of random thoughts for Monday.

After waking up to 8 inches of snow in our yard Thursday morning (yes, this is mid-April), it was more than a pleasant thing to jump in the car and head south for Spring Break. I think I may have been laughing hysterically at the time. I've so had enough of winter.

So after two flat tires, the back door of our car breaking so you couldn't shut it, the car battery going flat, and backtracking to get the tires fixed, we finally made it to Toquerville, Utah, which is just outside of Zion's National Park. And we found sun! We were originally going to camp in Capitol Reef, but when their forecast called for snow too, you could've lost a limb had you gotten in the way of my frenzy to make a new plan.

Now the first sun of the season is always dangerous for me. It feels so absolutely heavenly to sit in it and drink it up and I never truly believe that I need sunscreen. The secret to sunburns, I've found, is to never sunburn your entire body at once. So this weekend I worked on my arms; my legs shall be next. And I declare a pox upon the people with actual pigment in their skins who can sit in the sun for no longer than 5 minutes and come away with a healthy glow. I've got a glow, all right, but I swear you can see it throbbing right before your very eyes.

So my next random thought regards something funny. I must declare in my most Uncle Albertish voice that, I love to laugh. And this is one of the funniest things I've seen. And it does not get less funny to me the more times I watch it.

Happy Monday. And if someone wants to share how I can actually post the link for this, that would be great. I think my brain is sunburned too.