Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here's to Plodding Along

The cat has taken over her drawer again. I had a half-finished project in her drawer for a few months and she was displaced, but she has returned. I sometimes feel like my life consists of half-finished projects. I read a blog recently where she said when we work on resolutions we should be like the tortoise, not the hare. I liked that idea because if anything, I am a tortoise. I'm not fast and I'm not flashy, but if you want consistent effort, I'm your girl.

So I resolved for the new year to get caught up on scrapbooks. When my oldest was little, I started scrapbooking for her and worked on it every month. She has a book for every year of her life. Now that I have 4 kids, it makes me crazy. But I can't give up their books--I hate the thought of the youngest thinking he is less important than my first. Isn't that what youngest kids always think since there end up being less photos of them? So I'm determined to prove something--that I'm a good parent or that I really love all my kids or something. So I counted up how many months I was behind on all their books--for a grand total of 29. I figured if I finished one month a day, I could be caught up in a month! Beautiful goal. And so far so good. I stayed on track last week and finished 2 months' worth yesterday. The success makes me giddy.

Obviously the principle applies to anything we want to accomplish. Break the insurmountable goal up into little pieces and consistently hack away at it. So that's my brilliant thought for the day. Good luck, keep plugging away, and sooner or later you'll get there and the cat can move back in.


Jennifer said...

Beautifully written! And I think of you more like a Gazelle, rather than a tortoise by the way.

ScrapBox Organization & Storage said...

That's why I like you!