Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Walter Wonk

The 5 year old went on a field trip last week and came home very excited about it. I had no idea what he was talking about. I could understand "Walter" and that they had been somewhere, but it wasn't until I got the weekly newsletter from his class, that it all became clear. They had been to the BYU Museum of Fine Art to see the Walter Wick exhibition. We cannot convince him that his name is Walter Wick. He insists on calling him Walter Wonk.

For those of you who don't know Walter Wick, he is the owner of the clever brain that makes the I Spy books. He also does optical illusion photos. For the record, I don't like optical illusions. They hurt my clever brain. Or not so clever as the case may be.

So for FHE last night, we decided to go to the museum as a family and let him be our guide. I have never seen a child so excited. He took us downstairs
and very loudly and animatedly (is that a word?) showed us all the pictures and how you need to look for the little peg-head man in each one. The exhibit is brilliant. It's at the MOFA till August 1 and is well worth the visit. It's colorful, it's clever, it's captivating, it rocks. Kids absolutely love it and OK, I quite enjoyed it myself.

But for as great as the actual exhibit is, by far the best thing about our trip was a little boy getting to be in charge and getting to share with us something he had learned and experienced apart from us. That doesn't happen often enough for the little caboose--he often feels left behind because he's too young to go where the big kids go. Thank you, Walter Wonk, for a magical evening.


Jennifer said...

That is a great family activity. I think I will talk Justin into that for FHE tonight. Thanks for the idea.

I want to win the CRAFTBOX! I found a four-leaf clover today, so watch out!

Treble Clef said...

Cammy has always been a huge fan of the "I Spy" books, so when we heard about this we put it on the family activity list. Sounds terrific! Can't wait. Did Court tell you she saw Garreth a few weeks back at the pre-school? She and her animation team were observing/drawing the kids for their senior animation film project.

Coryn said...

I'll have to go check this out during my free time on campus!

ScrapBox Organization & Storage said...

I hope he wasn't picking his nose or doing something naughty when she saw him. He's usually entertaining but not exactly always a model student . . .